Welcome to the Nordic Nature Narratives’ podcast. This podcast explores people’s relationship to nature in the Nordic countries and the Arctic. Please note that the episodes of the podcast are in Danish or Norwegian.


with Asta Mitkijá Balto from Alta

Sami traditional knowledge, values and living.  

In this podcast, you meet Sami professor emerita Asta Mitkijá Balto, who is recognized for her lifelong work in Sami and indigenous education. We had a conversation about Sami traditional knowledge, values, and the Sami way of life with nature.  

This episode is in Danish and Norwegian.


with Helle Rabøll og Jan Hansen from Nuuk/Copenhagen and Nuuk

Sila, music and moving to Greenland. 

In this podcast you meet the Greenlandic musician and composer Jan Hansen from the band “Inua” and researcher Helle Rabøll Hansen for a conversation about growing up in Greenland and how nature inevitably is part of this.  

This episode is in Danish.


with Bo and Hans Tonnesen from Southern Jutland

Nature in learning, life, and friendships. 

In this podcast you meet the brothers and nature guides Hans and Bo Tonnesen for a conversation about the importance of nature in childhood, life, and friendships.  

This episode is in Danish.


with Malik and Aputsiaq from Sisimiut

Greenlandic nature, childhood, and sledge dogs. 

In this podcast you will meet two good friends from Sisimiut, Malik and Aputsiaq, who talk about the good things about having nature close by in your childhood. And what it means to them to have sled dogs and drive dog sleds.

This episode is in Danish.



Respect for nature, traditional joik and family life.  

In this podcast you meet Brita Julianne Skum and John-Harald Skum, who are both are active in Sami politics and culture We have talked about Sami view of nature, the traditional Sami joik, and about having contact with nature. 

This episode is in Danish and Norwegian.

About the podcast

Nature is the basis of our lives. It is crucial for a sustainable future, both in relation to the environment and climate change, but also in relation to the well-being of people and the society. With the project Nordic Nature Narratives, we wanted to find out how to strengthen the understanding of nature’s role in sustainable development.  

Our starting point was the view on nature from people in the Nordic countries and the Arctic region. Nature plays an important role in the Nordic and Arctic identity, but the relationship and view on nature can vary between countries, cultures, professions, and generations. In the project, we wanted to embrace this diversity.  

We wanted to show the connection and intertwining between nature and people. We wanted to understand how nature affects human well-being and the feeling of community. 

We hope that the stories told in this podcast inspire and motivate you to work for a sustainable future.  

The project was supported by Nordic Culture Contact, NAPA, Alta Kommune (Alta Municipality) and Sønderjysk Kulturfællesskab (the cultural cooperation programme of Southern Jutland). 


The project Nordic Nature Narratives was supportet by: