Nordic and Arctic leadership

Community, mental health and sustainable impact

We shape new understanding by connecting stories of people and nature


The Arctic Philosophy Network collects and shares knowledge inspired from the Arctic. We carry out projects that bring ideas into action.
From 2021-2022, we worked with the Project Nordic Nature Narratives. Some of the outcomes, you find on this homepage.
Our current project is YOUR STORY – OUR FUTURE. Defining Arctic Leadership. Our goal is to develop a leadership method inspired by the Arctic region and the people who live there.  Together with our partners in the network, we want to develop a method that can be put into practice, e.g., in public and private organizations.



The workshops and courses that we will offer aim at creating better education and a better place to live in and beyond the Arctic. They are developed through the shared knowledge and understanding of the people who are part of the network for Arctic Philosophy. You will find different forms of learning tools, both online and offline.


Welcome to the Nordic Nature Narratives’ podcast. This podcast explores people’s relationship to nature in the Nordic countries and the Arctic. We have talked to artists, hunters, students, politicians and researchers in Greenland, Arctic Norway and Denmark. Please note that the episodes of the podcast are in Danish or Norwegian.


Find out more about the literature published by our network. Get inspired by other resources that we consider worth being read when you are interested in nature relationships, mental health, community, sustainable development and the Arctic. Please note that not all resources are available in English.


Here, you can read stories from the project Nordic Nature Narratives. The storytelling project has elaborated what we can learn about well-being and sustainable action from people’s relationship to nature. By collecting personal stories, we got insight into nature experiences by people of different generations, countries and cultures in the Nordic and Arctic region.

Methodologically, the project is related to the practical and research-based work of indigenous storytelling. This method offers important opportunities to gather different perspectives on understanding nature and sustainability from a wide variety of people.

The project was carried out in Greenland, Northern Norway and Denmark in 2021-2022. During the project, the stories were presented in local performances and workshops. Some of them, you can read here. They are also published in a podcast and collected in a book.

Project management: Eva Ritter and Jens Larsen.

We acknowledge the financial support by Nordic Culture Point, NAPA, Alta Municipality, Sønderjysk Kulturfællesskab, Letterstedtska Föreningen.

About us

The Arctic Philosophy Network is a think-tank and action-tank of researchers, leaders, artists, and others who live in or have passion for the Arctic. The goal of the network is to create sustainable impact through mental health, strong communities, and a respectful relationship to nature.  

It all began in 2021 with a storytelling project travelling around Greenland and the Nordic countries to collect stories that tell us how people connect to and use nature in their life. In Greenland, Arctic Norway, and Denmark, we met artists, shipbuilders, mushers, hunters, researchers, students, and politicians; we met Sami people, Greenlanders, Danes, Norwegians, and other nationalities. We shared stories and knowledge and experiences.  

These people created a connection that shaped a network across the Arctic and Nordic counties. The new understanding emerging from the stories planted the seeds of what we call Arctic Philosophy. 

The Arctic Philosophy Network is a place where the members can collect and share knowledge inspired from the Arctic, and where they transform ideas into actions in the form of projects, conferences, and tools for teaching. We want to reach out to people and politicians to create better education and a better place to live.

Contact us

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